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» Mr Zhou Yuan was invited to attend a seminar entitled "low carbon development and financing solutions-South South cooperation"

Date: 2017-08-29 11:31:34

A seminar entitled "low carbon development and financing solutions-South South cooperation"was held at Beijing Hilton Hotel on 28,Aug,2017.It was jointly organized by The United Nations development program, China Representative Office(UNDP China)and Panda Green Energy Group ,in order to support Chinese "South South cooperation" and "The Belt and Road" plan. It aims to provide a platform for dialogue and discussion, discuss how to benefit developing countries in China's low carbon solutions and development financing, at the same time, provide innovative financing models for countries and institutions.


General Manager of Aizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. / Secretary General of PGO Zhou Yuan and international department Ms. Zhao Fang were invited to attend the seminar,the participants from China,Bangladesh,Fiji,Ghana,India,Indonesia,Kenya,Malaysia,Nepal,Pakistan,Philippines,Thailand,Vietnam and scores of developing countries. Secretary General,Mr Zhou Yuan introduced PGO to delegates, hoped to develop overseas cooperation in the fields of photovoltaic, wind energy and other new energy sources  and invited them attend the annual Asia Solar PV Innovation Exhibition & Cooperation Forum in Shanghai,held a friendly and warm communication. At the seminar,as president unit of PGO,Panda Green Energy Group said that Panda power plant as the United Nations Development Programme for sustainable development, 100 panda photovoltaic power stations will be in and strive to build global promotion in the next 5 years, the design of photovoltaic power plants into the shape of the panda, or add combined with the shape of the national auspicious animals.At the end of the forum, a reception was held and a solution were displayed on the terrace of the hotel,the next day, government officials attending the meeting went to  Datong, Shanxi to visit the panda green energy solar power station.