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» China's multi energy complementary solution to solve the world's energy problems

Date: 2017-02-27 13:28:45


“Smart Energy Industry Innovation Forum” Organized by ENESOON Holding Limited was held successfully at Suqian Star International Hotel on February 26,2017, the leaders from the national ministries, provinces, cities and counties, domestic energy, energy-saving services and networking field and other more than 200 experts attended the forum and visited Suqian Optoelectronic Technology Center . Mr. Zhou Yuan,General Manager of Aizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd./Secretary-General from PGO was invited to attend forum and hosted interview, on Smart energy innovation , development and other hot issues, face to face experts interviews were conducted.


Mr. Cai Maolin,Executive Secretary General from China smart energy industry technology innovation strategic alliance, Supervisor of a Ph.D. student/Professor from Beijing Aerospace University hosted the conference, Mr. Zhou Yiqiao,Former International Secretary from National Energy Board, Mr. Shen Changjiang,Director from China Academy of science and technology made the speeches. Mr. Liu Jianping,Director of planning from National Energy Board Planning Division, Mr. Miao Ren,Deputy director/associate researcher from National Institute of energy research Energy Research Center of National Development and Reform Commission , principal scientist from National basic research program of China (973)Solar Power project, Mr. Huang Xiang,Chief engineer from Former China Huadian Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. and other related experts gave the key-note speeches. Mr. Cao Mingxiu,Deputy mayor from Suqian Municipal People's Government also rushed to the forum site, welcomed to the leaders, guests and business representatives, Highly affirmed ENESOON held the event and in-depth communicated with guests.


The theme of "solar thermal power generation and smart energy", focused on hot topic of smart energy to made a discussion and communication . The organizer  regarded Suqian photoelectric science and Technology Center as a case study ,to participants to shared Experience in innovation and exploration in the field of intelligent energy of ENESOON Holding Limited . Suqian photoelectric science and Technology Center Project ,which through the joint operation of different types of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic, solar thermal, the peak valley electricity ,energy storage and using smart energy technology to allocate energy according to actual demand, solve the problem of energy supply and energy output mismatch, realize efficient use of energy, can provide good demonstration for wind power, photovoltaic, solar thermal, valley electricity utilization and other clean energy industry healthy development, for new energy alternative base power, for explore intelligent energy development, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of the energy industry structure.


Suqian photoelectric science and Technology Center Project including a 15000 square meters of the main building of photoelectric science and technology center, a 131 meters landscape tower, 200kw tower solar thermal power generation system, 488kw roof distributed photovoltaic power generation system, 30mwh low melting point load of quatemary salt energy storage system ,1044kw refrigeration, 835kw hot cold installations, intelligent energy management system, total investment of about 250 million yuan, covers an area of 83 acres. Intelligent energy management system set energy supply, energy transfer, energy use, energy consumption statistical analysis, energy-saving management, auxiliary decision-making and other functions in one, ultimately achieve the building of low carbon, zero carbon emissions concept by forecasting, monitoring, deployment, management energy intelligence production and consumption.