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» The AsiaSolar 2016 Comes to a Close in Shanghai

Date: 2016-09-12 13:55:35

On August 27, 2016, the AsiaSolar 2016, the highest-end photovoltaic forum and exhibition, came to a close in Shanghai.


The Venue of the AsiaSolar 2016


On August 25-27, 2016, the 11thAsiaSolar PV Innovation and Cooperation Forum &Exhibition, which was hosted by China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Machinery & Electronic Products (CCCME) and organized by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Shanghai Pu Dong Branch, Shanghai Ai Zhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd and Shanghai Ailing Exhibition Co., Ltd, was successfully held in the SHCEC-China.


This event consists of a three-day exhibition and a two-day forum, attracting over 300 mainstream enterprises. With an overall exhibition area of more than 10,000m2, the event attracts 12,000 audiences, around 100 guest speakers and 500 elites of this industry. Many mainstream medias such as CCTV, Xinhua Net, CBN, China Energy News, China Electric Power News, China Securities Journal, International Energy Net and Solarbe, Nengapp, Solarebapp etc, provided on-the-scene live coverage on this event.


On August 27, CCTV1 and CCTV13 Evening News reported AsiaSolar2016 for 80 seconds.


The AsiaSolar 2016 is an event centered on investment, construction and innovation of PV plant. With a theme of innovation and cooperation, this event has aroused a wide concern of the industries, on photovoltaic power plant policy, market, technology, investment and construction and other hot and difficult points to actively explore cooperation, display and exchange, which will be expected to promote the development of PV industry and market.


Those exhibitors that was attracted to the event include well-established domestic component enterprises, like Trina Solar, GCL, Canadian Solar, LERRI Solar, JA Solar, the 48th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, ASTRONERGY, Heda Solar, Zhejiiang jingmao technology Co., Ltd, SunTech Power, NICE SUN,JOLYWOOD, Changzhou Almaden, Qingdao RaySolar, Sunshine New Materials, Nanjin Sunport Power etc; inverter energy storage enterprises such as SUNGROW, HUAWEI Technologies, Hainan JST Electric, TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd,Ningbo Ginlong Technologies, Jiangsu Goodwe solar, Guangzhou SAJ, Shenzhen Growatt, Torch New Energy, Omnik new energy etc; domestic first-class design and construction units, like the IT Electronics Eleventh Design and Research Institute Scientific and Technological Engineering Corporation Limited, Shanghai Baoye Group Corp., Ltd, Jiangsu Zhongnan Group, China Electric Power Construction (Gui Zhou) engineering Corp ; tracking support manufacturing enterprises ,Huangshan Runsol New Energy Co., Ltd , Guangdong Powerway New Energy Co., Ltd  ,Hangzhou Versolsolar, Suzhou JSolar, NOVI, Shanfeng Solar Energy,Tianjin Renhui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd; a few well-known photovoltaic power plant testing and certification,operation and maintenance services institutions ,Envision Energy Co., Ltd , Beijing HUNTECH Co., Ltd , and TÜV NORD, Hefei PV Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. Changzhou Zhengheng Power Engineering Supervision Co. Ltd.etc.


meanwhile,many foreign enterprises were attracted to take part in the exhibition, FirstSolar、NEXTracker、(株)P&TECH、(株)KORCARB、(株)HYUNTAI、(株)Photomec、Yousystem、Tomas Engineering、YM TECH Co.,LTD、NewYoungSystem Co.,LTD、Limited Partnership JUAN ENERGY、SungChang Telecom Co.,LTD


At the event, SUNGROW and Huangshan Runsol New Energy Co., Ltd among others, have launched their new products, while CMIG, Jiangsu Modern Low-carbon Technology Institute and Shanghai Torch New Energy Technology Co., Ltd held a signing ceremony for their partnership.


The audience is watching the intelligent management technology of Trina Solar

The SUNGROW issued the world’s first 1500V series inverter SG80HV

continued to lead the 1500V Era.

Huangshan Runsol New Energy is exhibiting its intelligent MPPT support system


Participants of the forum include leaders and experts from Photovoltaic Green-ecosystem Organization(PGO),Asian Development Bank(ADB), China PV Industry Association, China Renewable Energy Society, Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission, New Energy Branch of CIITA, China New Energy Overseas Development Alliance etc and many chairmen from JIC Leasing Co., Ltd, CITIC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd, CGN Solar Energy Development Co., Ltd, CMIG, CNE, China Merchants New Energy Group, Kong Sun Co., Ltd and other China's leading PV investment and financing enterprises.


On the first day of the forum, a lot of core figures delivered important speeches. Wang Guiqing, vice president of CCCME and executive director of PV branch, gave a welcoming  speech and pointed out that PV industries in China has made great achievement after a decade of development. Meanwhile, it is necessary to prevent price decline and harm caused by trade remedy and disordered competition of foreign countries. To achieve better effect on “going out” remains a big challenge to national PV industries. The speech caused strong reaction among the people on spot. ZhaiYongping, General technical consultant of the energy department of Asian Development Bank, said China shall insist on the “go out” policy of both manufacture and investors, the two-way method of “half domestic and half foreign”, and the strategy of developing diversified foreign markets. Sun Ronghua, President of Trina Solar in China, Zheng Jiazhen, CEO of GCL, Xing Guoqiang, vice president of Canadian Solar, Wang Yingge, assistant of executive director of LERRI Solar, etc. emphasized the importance of optimizing special technology to forge core competence.


Wang Bohua, secretary general of CPIA and expert of China Strategic Alliance of Industry Technology Innovation of Smart PV, delivered a key-note speech named as “Situation analysis of PV industry in China”. He said China’s PV industry has been on sound development in the first half of this year with intense investment and an increase of installation demand for PV equipment by almost 3 times on year-on-year basis. PV industry has become one of the emerging industries with fastest growth rate and hugest potential. In the past half year, thanks to the positive influence of market, the price decline has been cushioned, despite that a fall after rise may happen in the second half, the tendency of the market remains optimistic. Based on the situation in the first half of the year and features and expectations of the second half of PV industry, Wang Bohua made profound analysis from aspects including polysilicon, silicon chip, components and so on to prove the bright future of PV industry.


Shi Zhengrong, the pioneer of new energy, gave a speech named “build a fun-oriented future that is green and sustainable”, which vividly illustrated the influence of new energy on humans and nature from the technical perspective. Shen Wenzhong, director of the Solar Energy Research Institute at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, gave the speech “the main ‘battlefield’ of the industrialization of silicon solar cells”, proving the importance of technical originality. Li Yuan, president of PGO, spoke up for the cooperation among all PV enterprises against the “cold spell in late spring” and gave suggestions on supporting new energy development. Cao Renxian, chairman of SUNGROW, emphasized the importance of synchronous development of energy storage in his speech “Path to realize high-proportion production of renewable energy”. All of these speeches were excellent with distinct characteristics.


Upon the end of marvelous conference reports, Wang Jin and Shen Wenzhong hosted three groups of high-end dialogues separately, covering over 20 key topics concerning new energy development, such as distributed power station, energy internet, PV equipment, PV poverty alleviation, state subsidies, abandon of PV power and limit of power output, after events of subsidy limitation on June 30, multiple objection from Europe and America, etc, rich content and fierce confrontation of ideas during these dialogues offered the audiences an enjoyable experience.


During these dialogues, Han Qinghao, chairman of CMIG, said distributed energy is the target of future development and suggested a change of thinking to energy internet. Qiu Zhanwei, chairman of Zhejiang CNE, stated that since the subsidy limitation on June 30 was launched, the bidding method to get power station’s quota makes the competition fiercer and the rate of return lower. Cui Yaping, deputy general manager of ZONERGY, a company that develops both domestic and foreign markets equally, called for new ways of cooperation to avoid vicious homogeneous competition. Liu Jidong, chairman of CETC, talked about the course of domestic PV equipment’s development and innovation starting from scratch, from weak to strong, even reaching markets overseas. Zhao Zhenyuan, legal representative of the IT Electronics Eleventh Design and Research Institute Scientific and Technological Engineering Corporation., Ltd suggested successors to learn to head to the new energy field through cooperative and united way. 


Topics in Dialogue (1): Policy, market and innovative development of PV industry

Topics in Dialogue (2): PV, energy storage and micro-network innovative technologies

Topics in Dialogue (3): Investment & financing, operation & maintenance and the mode on how to improve efficiency and innovation of PV plant


On the second day, another four professional sub-forums were organized, among which one was organized by Asian Development Bank concerning “the Belt and Road Initiative” Asian PV market docking. It was hosted by Zhai Yongping , from General technical consultant of the energy department of Asian Development Bank. Guests attended the forum included PV sectors and power investment companies from Southeast Asia, such as Mr. Adviento from Philippines, Mr. Fazlur, Mr. Hakim from Indonesia, etc. A series of discussions were conducted focusing on the potential and challenges of developing China’s PV market in Asia. Zhang Shiguo, vice chairman and secretary general of China New Energy Overseas Development Alliance, said countries along the routes actively support "the Belt and Road Initiative” and the energy policies of countries in Southeast Asia are getting clearer. Southeast Asia is becoming the main emerging market of international cooperation of new energy and the “going global” plan of China’s PVs step by step. But varied national conditions of countries along the routes make the situation more complicated with great challenges and opportunities. The government and PV enterprises of China need to further innovate their ways of exchange and mechanisms of cooperation.


In other three sub-forums, senior executives and technical experts from more than 30 enterprises gave keynote speeches on subjects of technical innovation of high-efficiency battery components, inverters, energy storage, trackers, support frames, design innovation of power stations, investment and transaction authentication of construction of PV plants and innovation of intelligent operation and maintenance. The participated enterprises included Trina Solar, SunTech Power, GCL, IT Electronics Eleventh Design and Research Institute Scientific and Technological Engineering Corporation, Ltd., TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co.,Ltd, TBEA Xi’an Electric Design Co., Ltd , TBEA Xi’an Flexible Power T&D Co, Ltd., SUNGROW, Zhejiang CNE, HUAWEI Technologies, RaySolar, Shanghai All-ZIP Roofing System Group, Nanjing Sunport Power Co., Ltd , East Environment Energy, P&TECH Solar  of Korea, Suzhou Sunshine New Materials, Suzhou JSolar, Huangshan Runsol New Energy Co., Ltd , Tianjin Renhui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, Guangdong Powerway New Energy Co., Ltd , Shenzhen Growatt, Jiangsu Goodwe solar, Hangzhou Versolsolar, Hebei NOVI, ENVISION Energy, Beijing HUNTECH Co., Ltd , TUV NORD, etc. 


To encourage more efforts of enterprises into innovation, the organizing committee and the expert committee cooperated to made the evaluation and selection. The results are as follows:

Awards for 2016 AsiaSolar Innovative Figures:

Liu Jidong, Secretary of the Party committee and Chairman of CETC;

Shu Hua, Chairman of GCL;

Li Yuan, CEO of China Merchants New Energy (AsiaSolar 2015 Innovative Figure);

Li Wenxue, General manager of LERRI Solar;

Zhao Zhenyuan, Legal representative of the IT Electronics Eleventh Design and Research Institute Scientific and Technological Engineering Corporation, Ltd.;

Feng Zhiqiang, Vice president of Changzhou TrinaSolar;

Luchuan, President of Zhejiang CNE;

Liu Weizeng, Deputy General Manager of TBEA and director of New Energy Research Institute;

Ding Lieping, Chairman of Shanghai Torch New Energy;

Sun Haitao, President of Huangshan Runsol New Energy Co., Ltd;  

Piao Zhongxin, President of P&TECH Solar of Korea.

Awards for 2016 AsiaSolar Innovative Companies:

IT Electronics Eleventh Design and Research Institute Scientific and Technological Engineering Corporation, Ltd., Changzhou Trina Solar; Huawei Technologies; SunTech Power, SunGROW, Canadian Solar, TBEA Xi’an Electric Design Co., Ltd , RaySolar, Huangshan Runsol New Energy Co., Ltd ,Ningbo Ginlong Technologies, Beijing HUNTECH Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Growatt, etc.



To express respect and praise to PV innovators, the committee cooperated with CCTV , held the 2016 AsiaSolar Innovation Figure&Innovation Company Award Party at Pearl Hall in Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center of International Sourcing on the evening of August 25th. The host Pan Tao is a famous anchor in CCTV, while members of the Expert Committee attended as honored guests. 


Thanks to the concern and support from all sectors of society, the AsiaSolar 2016 has yield substantial results. The organizing committee will continue to uphold the principle of “conducting profound, elaborate and practical development” to create a better platform for PV enterprises, PV industries, PV markets and the government.


We believe that through the enterprises, industries, markets and governments four in one of the innovative joint efforts, will be able to achieve parity for photovoltaic power generation as soon as possible, gather new strength for China's energy revolution


August 24-26, 2017, let us continue to meet in Shanghai International Sourcing Convention and Exhibition Center. For more information, please visit the official website (, or call 021-36411666.